Problem Statement

Closet Storage Organizers needed a quick, efficient, & search engine friendly way of displaying tons of the storage accessory components in their site. However, they also needed an equally quick and efficeint method of adding, editing and removing items from their site without having to manage pages individually.

In the past, the owner and his office staff would have to place an entire page filled with items and remove them individually by working within the backside of the content management system.

The Ask

Ultimately, the client needed to work faster and have the ability to make broader, sweeping changes in the event they changed vendors. Much of the content (images, titles, descriptions, etc.) would be provided by their vendors with little changed in the content. Still, if an item was discontinuded, the owners needed to be able to individually remove items easily, quickly, and without having to dive into code.

The Proposal

We proposed a manager system which would call items by category into their respective pages while also allowing them to access a back-side manager to quickly enable/disable products or entire categories.

The MVP required individual product entries. Since the bulk of the items would be a single entry instance, we did not propose any bulk-upload / import features at the onset. However, the bulk actions needed to be AFTER the initial data was input.

Once this project was proposed, the client figured they could hand this off to some of their other office staff to manage. We worked to make the implementation & facilitation of content management in the system as easy as possible. We implemented CK Editor to allow the content manager to copy/paste content in place and we secured other content by limiting the content manager with appropriate DNN Security Roles. Now the content managers can add, edit, & delete items from the catalog with no danger of breaking other elements on the page.

The Solution

While many clients could have used a store system, this was to be more of a catalog of add-on items for the sales team. We were able to demo the initial catalog feature within a couple weeks after entry of a large portion of items. After the catalog was approved, we added gray-box features with details in the display view to help with search and key product information.

In the end, this system allows the client to manage their catalog of accessory offerings in bulk or individually. They can also manage entire categories by making them active/inactive. We have already planned to implement a "Featured" modification which will pull items marked as "featured" and rotate them through a highlighted display on a primary landing page.