2. Safari

2. Safari


This lesson may take a few days. In this lesson, you may need to chop this into several sessions. If your 15m timer goes off DURING a video, still continue watching to the END of that video... and possibly try to do the activity that goes WITH that video.

Then keep the REMAINING part of this lesson for the next day.

Safari is the primary browser we will be using on our Mac laptops. While it seems straight forward, there are lots of functions that the browser can do to help with coding and development.

In Safari, you will see your pages, styles, and images in action. You will also use a tool inside Safari to look at how your code is interpreted (rendered).





Sometimes there are pages you use frequently. These may be tools you use to improve code, or shopping sites, or even game hints. Favorites are a great way to easily access these items.

Favorites can be captured many different ways. Check out this video to learn a few.


Now, take a minute to watch this video about bookmarks!

Activity 1

  1. In Safari, navigate to FreeFormatter.com (NOTE: this will open in a NEW tab. You will have to close that tab to get back to this page)
  2. Add this site as a BOOKMARK and a FAVORITE

Activity 2

READ these instructions first. Be sure to keep an eye on this tab.

  1. Use the keyboard shortcut Cmd-T to open a NEW TAB
  2. Navigate to the youtube channel for MacMost
  3. CLICK & HOLD the tab
  4. DRAG the tab all the way to the LEFT to pin the tab to the top tabs.

Activity 3

  1. Open these 5 new tabs
  2. Place your mouse on ANY tab in the tab bar
  3. RIGTH-CLICK on any tab
  4. Arrange the tabs by SITE





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